How Are You Today?
Where are you today? On your wellness-journey or conscious-seeking-path are you feeling LIBERATED or CONFINED?

That is today’s question.

When we start looking outside for our answers from the belief that with nothing on top / nothing added, we are not enough. When we are trying to fill a hole we’ve begun the hard struggle. It’s an effort to do our green juice or a chore to sit for a meditation. The reason is because our true self knows we are whole. We don’t need to do any of these ‘fun’ practices to complete ourselves.

Evaluate your life.
Are you going to yoga because you want to win some points? Are you doing 3 spinning classes a week because you want to fit in or fit in to a size 6 because its not good enough to wear your comfortable size 8? No one sees the tag anyway! Only you do. Only you do and you’re telling yourself you’re not enough because of the number on a label.

Who is it that we’re giving all our power to?
Who are you saying has the answers better than YOU?!

There are two truths on this matter:
You are your own guru and You are enough.

Just as you are, with nothing on top, no fake boobs, no fancy photos, no extra letters behind your name.

Striving in life is fantastic when it is your dream and your goal. Striving in life to accomplish things in order to feel better about yourself is not honouring Yourself! Little do you realize that Yourself is so fantastic in her or his pure state!

The only reason for trying new things on is to have fun and have variety!

Do that yoga class because of the bliss you feel after, or sit for meditation because you love feeling connected. But don’t do jack-sh*t because you’re trying “to be good”.

Follow your enthusiasm. You are Enough.

Have fun and make it a great day,


Qelsey Zeeper
Founder | MainstreamMeditation

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