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Qelsey from Mainstream Meditation here.

Did you know we can use meditation as a tool to train our nervous system to feel good?
When we practice good feelings every day we start the conditioning process to change our dominate state.

The capacity to manage our state is the biggest tool to influence the quality of our lives.

Because your state will determine your decisions about what to believe and feel and do.
Then what actions you take will create your results in life; your destiny.

Let’s unpack this a little more…

We know emotions are patterns and certain emotions and feelings lead to similar emotions and feelings.
Notice your triggers and your patterns. Sitting meditation is a great reflection time.

Which key words make you feel depressed or make you feel excited?

The same situation can be seen as a break-down or a break-through, all by determining what you’re going to do and who you’re going to be.

State = Beliefs = Decisions = Actions = Destiny

Put yourself in a state to decide your best choice. You take action by making a decision. And when you put yourself in a state to make the better decision it is easier to accomplish your desires.

You behave differently in a different state.
When you’re around your best friend you behave differently, maybe in a giggly, fun-loving manner, and say the way you answer the phone in that state is very different than if you answer the phone when you’re feeling bad about something in your life.

Sad states are conditioned. Not to say feeling sad is bad, quiet the opposite! Feeling your sadness is very useful and therapeutic. Living everyday in sad feelings is not useful for empowering your life.

As life has it, as I write this I myself am going through a break-up. I feel the hard, sad, heart-wrenching feelings. I sit with them and let them morph, change and pass. And I create my story that I tell myself, “I am feeling hard emotions right now, but I will come out of this on the other-side. There is nothing bad about feeling the way I do. I am keeping my eye on the horizon and doing the best I can every moment. I am learning and growing and most importantly life is happening for me, not to me.”

Know that you’re allowed to be happy, excited or enthusiastic, it’s a natural birthright.

You’re in control of your state. You have the capacity to change your state in a moment.
Every hero in every story does it!
When the going gets tough, they get over their fear and resistance and sadness and step up! They choose a different state to be in: a hero state of mind.

It’s time to be your own hero instead of waiting for someone to save you. You’ll love yourself for it more than anyone else could ever love you!

Tackle this day like the hero you are!

Qelsey Zeeper
Founder | MainstreamMeditation

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With love,


Qelsey Zeeper
Founder | MainstreamMeditation

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