Hi Friends,

Qelsey from Mainstream Meditation here.

People have asked me about having to do a meditation everyday.

Every day is great, but if you miss it today then do it tomorrow.

What you will notice that if you meditate every day for a week or 21 days or a month you will notice a bigger and bigger change in your thinking and in your life.

You will start to crave the time and get momentum!
Then you notice that you’re programming your mind to work for you not against you.

Come out of your meditation so invigorated for the day, or if you’re meditating at night, you’ll get excited for the next day! To wake up like a kid because you’re excited to start a new day and what you’re creating!

You’ll get addicted to it, and it won’t be a chore. You’re going to look forward to that special you time.

It might happen that you stop for a while, but then something may show up in your life and you’ll remember with meditation you’ll get clear on exactly how to deal with it.

You can come back to the practice and do 15 minutes to be fulfilled, activated and re-fuelled.

Don’t you deserve 15 minutes out of 24 hours to be charged up for your day?!

If you need to shift yourself or change something in your world, you can commit to doing a meditation everyday for a month or a year and you’ll surely exceed your goal.

We spend so much of our day dreaming about what we want. This time is designated to get those dreams! Figure out where we are, our next step and slowly take those dreams from our mind and into our life.

P.S. Stay strong in your practice! If you’re looking for more coaching & support, I offer a Members’ Private Facebook Group . . . So register and live your great life! 😉 

Have fun and live great,


Qelsey Zeeper
Founder | MainstreamMeditation

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